CloudChat Ecosystem
CloudChat Messaging
BlockChain - Based Social Platform covering the fields of communication and blockchain technology
CloudChat Wallet
Powerful,Safety based on blockchain technology to develop safer payment environment
CloudChat Exchange
CC will build a comprehensive exchange including social,entertainment,trading,wallet,Defi .etc
CloudChat Chain
Fully anonymous and untraceable cryptographic protocols and token incentives will be attempted
Active Daily Users
Registered Users
CloudChat Ecosystem
CloudChat App
CloudChat is a social platform based on blockchain, covering communication and blockchain technology; At present, it has covered the Asian and African continents, and will further expand to the European world. At the same time, it has also obtained a large number of users from China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria and other countries
CloudChat Chain
Encrypted chat
encrypted chat
Circle of friends
Share news with friends
Community , Channel
-Community and
Channel Features
Red Envelope
-Support red envelop transfers
Multi-Chain Support
-Support multi-chain
currency transfers
CC Token
-Use CC Token as
transaction fees
Multi-chain IDO Platform
-Conduct IDO on
CC Platform
Blue Tick
-Official certificate function
Blue Tick community
CloudChat Wallet
CloudChat wallet system has powerful function and is mainly developed based on blockchain information technology. It pursues the ultimate user experience, makes the payment environment more secure.
It supports multi-currency, multi-language and improves API interfaces. Build safe and easy-to-use digital asset management tools and entry-level application.
CloudChat wallet provides multiple signature technology with multipleauthentication methods such as verification code, fingerprint and live body, which protect users’ asset transactions and digital assets in an All-round way
In the future , it will build it’s own business ecosystem to support multi-scenario consumption in offline stores
CloudChat Exchange
Financial Grade Security     
All - Around Financial risk control system and anti - theft system , hot and cold wallet , multi-signature system to ensure the safety of function
Fast Deposit and withdrawal
Deposit and withdrawal can be completed in as little as 3 minutes , 24 hours manual online review , to protect customers from missing the best investment opportunities
Global Service
Global business service network coverage to help you invest in global encrypted assets and trade with global users
Carefully selected assets
Strictly select high-quality encryption projects to filter 80% of high-risk projects for you
- Choose your country code, enter your phone number.
- Enter the OTP code sent to you as verification in order to enter your account
- Tick “Terms and Conditions”
- Registered successfully
CC team unites with the world's top cryptographic community in order to create an anonymous mapping communication network and cryptographic social platform based on blockchain technology, which will focus on the goal of users’ free and anonymous access to the global network and unlimited anonymous chat.
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Anonymous mapping communication network and encrypted social platform based on blockchain technology